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Unparalleled experience from repsonsible managment positions in Industry and Academia; Start-Ups, Mid-Cap, and Fortune 100; Profit and Not-For-Profit.

About John Helm, The Principal

Business Experience  

  • (Ecommerce): VP of Engineering and CTO
  • (Ecommerce): VP and CTO
  • Umaxon (Consulting Startup), Founder, President and COO
  • Merrill Lynch (Financial Services): Head of Architecture, COO Messaging and Collaboration Services, EDSI Informaton Architect, Direct Markets R&D
  • Deutsche Bank (Financial Services): Manager of Global Messaging
  • Morgan Stanley (Financial Services): Manager of Messaging Operations
  • Columbia University (Research, Teaching, Administration): Associate Professor of Applied Physics
  • National Academy of Engineering (Research, Public Policy): Fellow
  • American Health Foundation (Biostatistics and Scientific Computing), Director of Computer Services
  • Startups: Exploration Technologies (Energy), Concorde Managment Group (Financial Services)

Bigraphical Informaton  

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