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Common Fundamentals

Executives perform Leadership, Alignment, Performance Management, and Devel-
opment activities. Too much or too little of any one throws things out of balance.

Philosophy and Approach

Businesses are much like people in that:

  • Every one is unique while sharing much in common
  • The common aspects exhibit recognizable patterns

This understanding means solutions that worked for other businesses can be adapted to help you. The key to success is incisive pattern analysis supported by experience to assure a correct diagnosis–this is the "in common" part. Once done, we believe your organization "knows" the best solutions–this is the unique part. We help pull out these solutions and facilitate execution.

Business Problems Versus IT Problems  

Experience teaches that "IT problems" are not fundamentally different than general business problems. Of course IT practices are very different, but the organizational principles and fundamentals of leadership and management are the same. Often IT issues are symptoms of personnel or organizational issues elsewhere; sometimes it's vice versa. We figure that out.

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