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Critical Factor Management Cycle

Common Fundamentals

Executives perform Leadership, Alignment, Performance Management, and Devel-
opment activities. Vigilance is critical to assure relevance as conditions change.

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Method and Framework

The method of JHelm Associates is to facilitate:

  • Client identification of critical goals and objectives
  • Development of a clear path to attainment
  • Alignment of the organization for execution
  • Implementation of performance management to assess progress and identify any needed corrective actions

This facilitation is conducted with empathy, respect, honesty, and objectivity. JHelm Associates will not make a decision for a client, but will assist and offer advice. Once a decision is made, JHelm Associates will then assist with aligning the organization and establishing performance management.


The Common Fundamentals shown left comprise a framework for business achievement. It defines a cycle of developing strategy, communicating goals & plans, assuring the organization is poised to execute, quantitatively monitoring progress, and adapting.

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